Welcome to Weedz Garage an Automotive Youtube Vlog

Welcome to Weedz Garage, a new entertaining and informative, automotive vlog on Youtube.  Weedz Garage is hosted by father and son, TL Weedman & Jeremy (aka JermJerm).  

TL Weedman has been a staple in the the cannabis community for the last 10 years.  He hosted the largest cannabis based podcast in the mid 2000's, the "Wake N Bake with Thurlow Weed Show."  As well, he and his wife, Littletree Oppy,  started the first recreational cannabis club in the United State, iBAKE Denver.

After several years in business, iBAKE Denver will have to close it's doors at the end of 2019 to comply with new "Cannabis Hospitality" laws that go into effect January 1st, 2020.   When asked what he was going to do next in life, TL answered, "My son and I have launched a YouTube channel, Weedz Garage, where we vlog. Cars have always been a passion of mine, so I want to build some and document it."  Weedman said.

Weedz Garage is a daily vlog with TL and Jeremy, where they document what they're doing to get their 2019 WRX ready for their first race with the SCCA in February 2020, as well as documenting their story and journey of beginner builders into novice car builders.

Follow along with the vlog on Youtube https://youtube.com/c/weedzgarage